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An estimated 83,000 services were provided to individuals during the 2019-20 school year by 10 of the 12 reporting SFECs. This graph details how many SFECs enhanced or shifted to virtual opportunities during the pandemic, as 3,529 people were trained virtually and 7,089 participated in webinars.

More SFECs have also produced and disseminated research, guides, tip sheets and recommendations, examples of best-practices, and other tools via websites that have reached approximately 40,000; resources have touched 22,000 more through printed materials developed by SFECs.

All Ages

The work of a majority of SFECs spans the age continuum, with reach impacting children at birth all the way to young adults at the post-secondary level. At each stage, SFECs provide tailored insight for families navigating the educational spectrum.

Addressing the Issues

SFECs are uniquely versatile educational instruments, capable of providing training, tools, resources, and more around a variety of issues important to families across the educational spectrum.

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